ATTENTION: we are not able to manually translate the entire content of the platform because the platform is growing very fast. The content is entered in English and translated automatically. We apologize if there are mistakes in text which are caused by automatic translation. Because we are trying to help the growing international community of Oziway users, we think that it is more important to deliver the content in many languages to many people, at least in a way which is mostly correct (even if it has mistakes), than to omit many people. We will try to fix the most obvious translation mistakes.

About Us

The Company

Work on the Oziway system was started a few years ago when the financial crisis (GFC Global Financial Crisis) was at its peak. Many people had a hard time then, many people still have a financial hard time today

Oziway helps Users who want to earn money by allowing them to promote the thousands of products and services available on the Oziway Marketplace, without any financial risk and with a low daily workload. We want the Promoters to earn additional money from transactions that take place on their websites. Each Promoter receives a free website that needs to be promoted, and this results in the earning of a commission

Oziway is not a replacement of your current job (although if you do not have a job, it might be a good way to start earning). The purpose of Oziway is to help you a little in life

The most important facts:

- We are a platform that connects people that want to sell, with people that want to Promote.. We receive a commission after a sale is made and we distribute that commission between the Promoters (a small part of the commission stays with us). Everyone can add Products or Services on our platform
- If you want to Promote products and services, we are a free platform for you to earn money. We give you the opportunity to earn money. We don’t want to take your money. It is free to use
- If you are a Seller, you only pay a success fee after the transaction is finalized and you get paid by the Customer
- We are a true mission service. We earn a small part of the commission but most of it goes to the Promoters. We want our Promoters to be happy
- Promoters can join us from anywhere in the world. All countries are welcome, however only some countries have products listed. We are continuously working to expand the list of countries where Products are available. We welcome new partners to help us expand into new countries
- We do not guarantee your success, but we will try everything, to provide help and materials to help you succeed
- Anyone can join us at any time. Its free. And anyone can leave us at any time. You have no obligation to do anything for Oziway

We are looking for new Partners in new countries. Contact us if you want to become our partner

Why the name “Oziway”

Oziway is Freedom

The name Oziway comes from the phrase “Australian Way”. Australia is often called Oz by Australians who call themselves Ozi’s. Australia to many people symbolizes freedom and an easy way of life. The Oziway concept was created by an Australian who spent a lot of time travelling to different countries to see how people live and what problems they have in their daily lives

The mission of the Oziway system, is to help people, from all over the world

How can we help you:

- Do you want to belong to an international community of Promoters
- Do you want to learn to promote on the internet
- Do you want to earn additional money

The Oziway system might be for you. You can promote what you want, how you want, where you want, and when you want

And that is Freedom